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In Light of the Gospel
Pastor James Grantís blog.

Between Two Worlds
Pastor Jamesí friend Justin Taylor

Mere Comments
The blog of Touchstone Magazine

First Things Blog
A blog supported by writers connected to First Things Magazine

Blog and Mablog
The blog of Doug Wilson

Dr. Al Mohler
The president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Lots of cultural issues.

Oversight of Souls
Dr. Ray Van Neste of Union UniversityĖconcerns pastoral ministry.

World Magazine Blog
The blog ofWorld Magazine.

Various Web-Sites

This is the single best web-site on the internet concerning other good material.

Third Millennium Ministries
The ministry of Richard Pratt. Very helpful content from a wide variety of people.

Frame-Poythress Online
This contains the works of John Frame and Vern Poythress.

Mars Hill Audio
A great audio journal dealing with cultural issues and edited by Ken Myers

St. Anneís Pub
Another helpful audio CD discussing issues related to life

Uganda Bible Institute
The Uganda Bible Institute is one of the mission works that we support.

Founders Ministries
Founders Ministries work within the Southern Baptist Convention for the cause of Reformation.

Desiring God Ministries
This is the ministry of John Piper. There are many helpful sermons and articles here.

John Owen Resources
This is a great resource on John Owen.

Kerux: A Journal of Biblical TheologicalPreaching
This is an online preaching journal edited by Jim Dennison.

9 Marks Ministries
This is a ministry from Capital Hill Baptist Church, pastored by Mark Dever. The ministry takes its name from his book:Nine Marks of a Healthy Church.

Various Churches

Providence Orthodox Presbyterian Church-Temecula, CA
Providence is pastored by my good friend Jesse Pirschel.

First Presbyterian-Jackson, MS
First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, MS, is pastored by J. Ligon Duncan.

Second Presbyterian Church-Memphis, TN
2PC is a church in the city of Memphis, TN. We partner with them concerning the mission of the Uganda Bible Institute.

South Woods Baptist Church
A Founderís church of the SBC in the Memphis area, pastored by Phil Newton.

Redeemer Presbyterian Church-New York, NY
Redeemer is in New York City and the pastor is Tim Keller.